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Why Mastermind Courses Are Right For You

Are you…


Tired of just getting by?

 Living in the world of overwhelm?

 Worried you are not seeing your family enough?

Working too many late nights and not getting ahead?
Concerned you will not be as successful as you dreamed?
Doing the same thing day after day hoping tomorrow will be better?


If this sounds like you, I have good news.
It doesn't have to be that way. It really doesn't.
YOU are deserving of so much MORE!


Yes, you are! You deserve to have a profitable lifestyle business!  One that gives you the freedom, time, income, and flexibility you want while reducing your stress and the hours you spend at the office.


What Our Courses Cover

  • Setting a solid business foundation by establishing your Vision, Mission, and Core Values


  • Identifying your Target Market and Ideal Client

  • Learning your client's emotional profile and why they buy what they WANT not what they NEED


  • Strategic vs. Tactical Marketing

  • Numbers are sexy... you can't improve what you don't know


  • Once and done... why you need to automate

What is Quadrivium Mastermind?

Quadrivium Mastermind is an in-person learning opportunity where you'll be taught by Julie on how to have a profitable lifestyle business.


These courses are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Julie's expertise in Marketing, Finance, and Education are what make her the perfect guide for getting you to the top.


In fact, Julie is not the savior here. She is the guide on your journey to become your own hero.


Quadrivium Mastermind is results-driven and we put emphasis on what matters providing encouragement and remaining objective.


If Quadrivium Mastermind sounds right for you, schedule a 30-minute phone call with Julie today by clicking here to learn more about the courses and why they're a perfect fit for you.

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