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Quadrivium Business Academy

Experience Julie's expertise and coaching online on your schedule. She offers a variety of online courses, two of which you can view below.

Each program is meant to helo business owners succeed through setting a solid foundation, teaching smart marketing strategies, branding power, revenue-raising, team building, automation, and so much more.

Simply put, Julie helps you put smart systems in place so that you can be more profitable while impacting the world in a much bigger way.

To learn more about the programs and find out which is right for you, simply click "Learn More" under each program listed below.


Business Foundations

Business Success Program

Join Our Facebook Group Today

Quadrivium Business Academy's Facebook Group is a place for you to discuss small business issues, get questions answered quickly, and celebrate your wins! We are a community of like-minded professionals proving small business success is not only possible but probable when you have a group of people supporting you.


The group was created in 2019 and regularly posts so that you're getting daily business tips and weekly free online training. Plus, the group is private so you know that you'll only be communicating with members of this tight-knit community.


With hundreds of members already, the Quadrivium Business Academy Facebook Group is growing more and more every day. You can become a member by going here and clicking the "Join Group" button.

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