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How to be the Manager People Want

Managers in nearly every position and in every industry have responsibilities that carry a lot of weight. Whether you’ve just entered into a management position, or are starting your own business and preparing to manage a team of employees, there are a few things every great manager should be doing. But, remember that becoming a great manager takes time and effort, so don’t be discouraged! Consider these tips the next time you find yourself wanting to strengthen your management skills.

Communicate Effectively

It sounds trite, but when it comes to management, communication is the key to success. First, it’s important to make sure that your team has the same understanding of their roles, team goals, and individual expectations. This allows team members to hold each other accountable, ask for help when needed, and to not be afraid of giving or receiving feedback. Managers who exhibit excellent communication skills, will ultimately be able to foster a culture of respect, trust, and true leadership. Remember, team members and employees will take cues from their managers, so practice what you preach and set the same expectations for yourself as you do for your team members.

Use Your Employees Wisely

Great managers understand and recognize the value each of their employees bring to the table. This takes time. Consider getting to know your employees on an individual level, pay special attention to their talents, interests, and skill set. Harness these employees by setting them up for success and putting them in positions where they can grow and succeed.

Manage Conflict Quickly

When you’re working with many different personalities, workplace conflict in inevitable. But, when managed correctly, workplace conflict can actually be a good thing. It is absolutely crucial for managers to face conflicts head-on, and help create a solution by providing a platform and space to have crucial conversations. This will help build trust and loyalty in your workplace.

Evaluate Work Distribution

Employees need to be recognized for their workplace efforts and achievements. But, this doesn’t mean congratulating an employee for working extra hours during the weekend or staying late at night. As a manager, it’s important to make sure the work distribution across the team is fair and relatively equal, according to each person’s position and role. When workloads are obviously unequal, this can cause workplace conflict, inefficiencies, and feelings of resentment.

Recognize Your Own Progress

Don’t be afraid to ask your employees for feedback in an appropriate and professional way. You might consider to do this in a variety of ways such as anonymous surveys or one-on-ones. If you’re unsure of how to ask for input, don’t be afraid to ask your employees how they would be most comfortable giving you feedback.

We know how difficult it can be when it comes to learning how to manage a team. If you think it’s time to receive professional guidance, Quadrivium Advisors is here to help you navigate the nuances of management.

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