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January, A Time for Growth

As January approaches, it brings with it the perfect opportunity to reflect on our businesses and decide where we want them to go within the next year. A new year brings a renewed sense of energy and a chance at continued growth and success. If now is the time for you to grow your business, consider these small but insightful tips on how to expand your success efficiently and sustainably.

Expand Your Client Base Finding new clients and customers can be really difficult, especially for small business owners. But, the best way to develop a larger client pool is to ask your best clients and customers for their help. Asking your current clients to dip into their own professional network will market your brand quickly and help introduce you into different industry areas.

Harness Social Media Platforms Social media can be daunting, but it can also help you build your brand. Finding your niche on social media platforms can take time, so it’s best to dedicate the time you have to building one platform at a time. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are great platforms to start with, depending on your industry and client type. SPOILER: If you have difficulty managing your social media accounts, stay tuned for tips on our next blog.

Connect with Clients Are you making an effort to build your relationship with your clients and customers? This sounds like a big task, but it can be as easy as launching an email campaign like a newsletter or distributing an evaluation survey. Staying in touch with your customers and clients not only helps build your brand, but also does a lot for your reputation as a business owner. Launching a monthly newsletter that highlights your new projects or features lessons learned is a great way to stay in touch.

Spread the Word Expanding your business growth means trying new things and seeing what works. Joining networking groups or participating in speaking events is a great way to make connections while building your brand. Volunteering to speak at local or charity events and fundraisers will help you share your business story while meeting potential partners, clients, and customers.

Host an Open House Hosting local events like an open house or business Q&A is a simple and effective way to get business owners in the community together to connect and brainstorm ideas. If you don’t feel up to hosting an event, try reaching out to your local chamber of commerce to see what events are happening near you.

At Quadrivium Advisors, we love finding inspiration for growth. What inspires you?

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