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It’s Time for Strategic Planning Boot Camp!

Have you always wanted to start a business but don’t know how to begin? Do you already own a business but it’s not generating the success you want? Are you frustrated by the direction your business is taking? Do you want help turning goals into sustainable success? Maybe it’s time for a strategic planning boot camp.

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner who’s run into a few too many bumps along the way or an aspiring business owner, a strategic planning boot camp might be what you need. Our boot camps at Quadrivium are designed to give you a jumpstart on the foundations of starting and maintaining a successful business. Intrigued? Here are some of the topics you’ll explore during our 12 hour camp:

Fourteen Conditions That Can Derail Your Business

Lucky for you, you’re not the only one who’s ever experienced a “hiccup” while running or starting a business. Many people have come before you and thanks to them, you get to learn from their mistakes without making them. Perhaps business has slowed down or maybe you’re having trouble expanding your client base. No matter the issue, there are certain conditions that can threaten even the best businesses. Not seeing the progress you expected? Maybe one of these conditions is standing in your way. Our boot camp will help you recognize these conditions and navigate through them.

Strengths, Limitations, Opportunities, and Threats

The best way to get what you want from your business is to assess it at the present moment. What does your business do the best? What is it lacking? Learning how to do a SLOT analysis on your own business will help you make the first step in creating a more successful future. It can be difficult knowing what needs to change and how to change it. Using a SLOT analysis to guide your decision-making is just another way of asking your business what it needs to become the best at what it does.

Six Key Elements to Effective Communication

One of the most common reasons businesses experience a stunt in growth, or poor client and employee retention is due to lack of communication. We all communicate differently in various styles. But, they key to success is learning what makes our communication channels effective and sustainable.

Our workshop is designed to give you the tools to get your business where you want it to be in the future. So, do you think a strategic planning boot camp is right for you? Let us know if you or someone you know might be interested in attending.

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