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My mission is to help you build a thriving business and live your dream lifestyle.

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Create a Profitable lifestyle Business

Julie Rowland, President of Quadrivium Advisors, is the brains behind the Quadrivium Business Academy, Quadrivium Mastermind, Quadrivium Network in Action, Through these programs, Julie teaches, educates, and coaches small business owners so that they can reach and then exceed their potential.

   On your journey with Quadrivium Advisor, you can expect a fresh, unbiased perspective, strategic direction, ROI, and the ability to scale your business with ease. There is a simpler way!


You Don't Need to Feel Overwhelmed Anymore...

Do you feel like your income is maxed and you just can't earn more the way you've been doing business?

Are you in a constant race with your competition and wish there was a way to truly become different and set yourself apart from the pack?

Are you on a Revenue Roller Coaster where sometimes cash pours in and other months you struggle?

Do you feel like you are underpaid and worth more than what you are charging right now?

Do you work too hard - too many hours and activities and burning yourself out?

Do you see other people in your industry make great money and you wonder what they are doing differently?

It doesn't have to be that way.

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Some of our Processes

Strategic Planning

Team Leadership

Time Strategies

Helping organization pave their road to their future.

Turn a super-worker into a superior leader.

Learn to maximize the hours in the day so that you work smarter not harder.

Abby Messner

I attended one of Julie's Focus Groups and was blown away by the content. Julie offers a one-stop-shop for business owners to create a calculated business plan and have access to all the tools necessary to be successful and grow. Julie shows you how to operate in a way that you spend your time and energy on income-generating tasks instead of putting out fires or spinning your wheels. Her command of business financials combined with her marketing creativity and know-how are invaluable. She has changed the way I look at my business. Thank you, Julie!!

Claire Krawsczyn

Julie is a great resource for any company--large or small--that is looking to take their business to the next level. I highly recommend connecting with Quadrivium to see how they can help you grow!

Michael Calico

I am a Cincinnati businessman with decades of history running my own independent fine jewelry store.  I took Julie's course and it was an eye-opening experience!  I didn't know how much I didn't know until I sat with other business owners who shared openly about a myriad of business-related subjects under the teaching/prodding/guidance of Julie.  She is skilled in how to ask probing questions and made me think about my business in ways I never would have known. 

She helps to critique very important aspects of yourself and your business.  She helps you understand goal setting and planning.

You will be a better, more informed, and more profitable mgr./owner for the reasonable investment in this course.

Anne Tabor

I am working with Julie for a marketing plan in my business. During our first meeting, she gave me one idea on a target market; One. This new direction has completely changed my focus and direction for my business. I've never been more excited to see where this takes me. For the first time in 18 months I have a plan, tangible goals, and a way to measure results. Woohoo!

Kyle Torpey

High praise for Julie and Quadrivium Advisors! She has the expertise to either help your start up get up and running or give your longstanding business a boost. Strategic planning, leadership coaching, business advisory and corporate consulting are her specialties. Do yourself a favor and reach out to Julie if you need any help with any business needs!

Jenn Roedig

Are you looking to start a new business or have you already started it but need a little boost? Then look no further because you have found your answer! Quadrivium Advisors strive to make your business the best it can be and the most successful it can be. They are highly motivated, professional, and will go above and beyond for you and your company. Highly recommend!

Vince Homan

Julie Rowland, President of Quadrivium Advisors, has been a tremendous asset to my business. Being an owner/operator of a small business she has been helpful coaching me through the pitfalls one faces when growing your business. I greatly appreciate her insight and business savvy and would not hesitate to recommend her for your enterprise.

Andrew Ferguson

Julie is a very gifted business coach. She has the knowledge and expertise to guide a business of any side through struggles or growth. She is very personal and would be an asset to any business in need of some additional support to reach their goals.

Mike Weitfle

Julie knows her stuff: a great combo of teaching & coaching soft skills, hard skills, messaging, focus, vision, discipline...everything a business owner needs, to scale up & reach higher levels of success & life satisfaction. Julie is grounded in using "the numbers" to grow your business, but her teachings on high-level, strategic thinking are where I found unparalled value. I highly, highly recommend her classes...

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