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Your Guide to Social Media Management

Whether you’re trying to build your brand or aiming to expand your client pool, chances are you’ve already heard how important it is to utilize social media platforms. Many small business owners are present on social media to engage with their clients while expanding their professional network. Social media is great because there are so many different kinds. But, what if the whole social media thing is new? Using these various platforms can be confusing and daunting, especially if they are unfamiliar. Have no fear! Here are the best social media management sites to help you stay organized and unafraid when it comes to harnessing the power of the web.

Hootsuite If you’re having trouble managing multiple social media accounts, then Hootsuite could be a great fit for your needs. This dashboard allows its users to schedule multiple posts at once, and makes adding or deleting accounts simple. Your whole team can use Hootsuite because of its multiple account manager feature. Not only does Hootsuite provide trainings on social media how-to’s, but it also runs reports on your social ROI.

Agorapulse Like Hootsuite, Agorapulse allows for bulk scheduling and features automatic responding and reporting. What makes Agorapulse so special is its ability to give reports on your competition. Not only can you handle all of your social media accounts, but you can also forecast which competitors are close behind. Available at different levels, Agorapulse offers a starting package for $49 a month.

Buffer Designed for many social media handles, Buffer allows its users to schedule multiple posts and customize each one before they get posted. Now you can manage multiple accounts, while monitoring your content’s clicks to see what’s getting the most attention. Not sure when to post your content? Not to worry—Buffer lets you know when it’s the best time to post according to the platform you’re using.

MeetEdgar Once you’ve built up an arsenal of social media content, MeetEdgar is for you. Think “social media management” but on a whole new level. MeetEdgar has its users create different categories of content that are relevant to your clients and your business. After you’ve created the different tags, MeetEdgar recycles through your content, choosing what to post according to your self- created categories. This makes choosing what, where, and when to post that much easier.

At Quadrivium Advisors, we’re always looking for ways to make our businesses run smoother and more efficiently. When it comes to handling social media, what’s been working for you?

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