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About Us


For more than 30 years, I have worked hard to achieve value and growth for my clients. Whether those were my high school students when I was a math teacher or my clients at my successful financial advisory business, I have always found the road to happiness paved by the achievement of those I work for.

Now I want to take that passion for helping others, and use my experience, perspective and know-how to help entrepreneurs lead their own businesses more confidently and make better decisions.

I’m an entrepreneur myself so I know first-hand the challenges you face building a business based on your skills or talent, and special product or services. It’s tough for a small business owner to go it alone and look objectively at their business when they are constantly putting out fires. It’s not surprising; entrepreneurs have little opportunity to learn how to take control of their business–and keep it. That’s where I come in.

I’ve worked with small business owners, professionals and executives within many different types of industries. My style is structured, focused, and goal-directed.  I take my clients through a step by step process where I identify key problems and develop a plan of positive action.

The core of all my coaching–and my own motivation–is to reconnect entrepreneurs with the passion that led them to create their businesses.


Bachelor’s  Degree in Secondary Education

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio

Master’s Degree in Financial Services

The American College, Philadelphia, PA

Our mission is to provide superior consulting strategies and coaching solutions that produce monumental improvements to an organizations’ value, efficiency, and productivity, leading to improved industry competitiveness with an increased business bottom-line. We achieve this while bringing balance back into your lives.



Quadrivium: noun[kwo-driv-ee-uh m]

from Latin quadrivium, which means 'a place where four points meet"

Bringing you to that perfect point.

+1(513) 659-5728


7672 Montgomery Road #111
Cincinnati OH 45236